Pupils' WorkComments Off on LOCAL HISTORY TOUR

It was a beautiful May morning and our teacher said we were going to do something different today.  We are going on our local history tour around Rusheen he said.  We went at 9:30a.m. and  finished at 12:30p.m.  Our first stop was our local pitch.  It was interesting to know that the Club had first been a Hurling Club.  Next we went to the local Catholic Church.  We learnt that there was lots of fighting over where the Church was going to be.  Then we went to Cronin’s Shop.  Mr. Coakley’s memory of the shop was buying bullseyes.  After, we went to the Hall, the Pump, the School and the Forge where the blacksmith worked.  After those stops we went to the creamery where we learnt that it is now used as a recording studio.   Then we went to Kathleen and Matt Kelleher’s shop which was a very busy shop in the area.  Next we went to the Barracks, it was owned by the R.I.C.  Finally, we went to the Protestant Church which is now a dwelling house.

By:  Lucy and Pierce

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