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  • At the time, Father Kearney was the Parish Priest.
  • He wrote many letters to local landlords asking for money to help the sick and poor.
  • There are still two mass graves at Derryroe and Kilberrihert.
  • Father Kearney eventually died of famine fever from helping the poor and sick.
  • We use Pots from the soup kitchen in our school garden for herbs and flowers.
  • There is a monument commemorating the famine at Ardoyne Crossroads.
  • In 1841 the population around Rusheen was 1159.
  • In 1851 the population was at 867, a decrease of about 25%.
  • The landlord at Leeds House was Francis Woodley.
  • The decrease in Kilberrihert was 56% but in Deelish it was about 8% a difference of 48%.
  • The landlord in Deelish at the time was Mr. Hartlet.
  • The landlord in Kilberrihert at the time was Mr. Radley
  • The soup kitchen was up the road from the school.


This is a page from our project about the famine in Rusheen.  It was researched by Robbie and Finn.

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