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On the 22nd of December, Santa Clause came to see all of the children from Rusheen N.S.  All the children were bursting with excitement.  Then finally the man with the big red suit entered the room.  All of the school pupils started singing and not so long after all the teachers started singing.  Santa started jumping while we were singing, everybody was really excited.   Santa walked out of the room with Mr. Coakley and ran back in with loads of sweets.  The teachers passed around the sweets to all the children.  We were all so full after our cans of drink and bags of taytos.

When we were finished our meal, Jack Kearney walked out of the classroom and brought in a bag of presents.  All the 6th Class and 5th Class pupils paid a euro to pay for an Aghinagh Jersey for our 6th class pupil, Brendan Mayer, who was leaving Rusheen N.S. that day.  Sixth Class presented Brendan with his present.  He was so happy.  We were all sad to see him leave.

By:  Jack Kearney


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