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AISHA from Bangladesh

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  We were studying “Someone like me” from Around The World.  I studied Aisha from Bangladesh.  I wanted to learn how different our lives...   Read More


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HOUSE  OF  HELL Up a dark, eerie mountain in the deepest, darkest corner of a creepy forest lay a rundown mansion.  The walls were...   Read More


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This is a picture of my Six Nations Project.  I liked it because we learnt facts about it.  We learnt about the other five...   Read More


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This is one part of our History Timeline.  I did the Nine Years War.  We went from 3000BC – 2005.  We also hung our...   Read More

Dialann Phearsanta

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Mise, mè fèin Naoise is ainm dom.  Tàim aon bhlain dean d’aois.  Ta beirt pàistì I mo chlann. Tà cònaì orm I gCùlnadàn.   Is...   Read More


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THE RUSHEEN HUNGER     ROCKVILLE At the time, Father Kearney was the Parish Priest. He wrote many letters to local landlords asking for money...   Read More


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Oh To Have a Mansion Fine Oh to have a mansion fine, With all the doors made of pine.   A 50 inch T.V.,...   Read More


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This is a poster I did in History. It is what I imagined to be a poster back in 1916 trying to get the...   Read More

3rd Place Winning Art Piece by Ròisìn O’Riordan

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This is the 3rd place winning drawing that was made by Ròisìn O’Riordan.  The Credit Union holds an Art Competition every year and each...   Read More

World Book Day

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For World Book Day we were writing books for the Juniors and Seniors.  I wrote a book called “Little Bears First Day of School”. ...   Read More

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