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Pupils from 3rd & 4th class inform other classes about their foam rockets.       Pupils from 5th & 6th visit the other...   Read More

Engineering Example 1

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STRAND:             Energy & Forces STRAND UNIT:   Electricity 5th & 6th Class explore electricity, make circuits, research lighthouses, plan and...   Read More

Science Investigation 1

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STRAND:            Energy & Forces STRAND UNIT:   Sound 5TH & 6TH Class explore sound, design and make ear muffs, carry...   Read More

Library Quiz 2018

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On the 12th of December, the library quiz was held in McEgan College at 3.45p.m.  Luke, Jack, Lily and Rebecca were on the team. ...   Read More

Santa Visits Rusheen N.S.

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On the 21st of December 2018, Santa came to Rusheen for a visit.  He brought chocolate, jellies and fizzy drinks.  We all sang Christmas...   Read More

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