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On the 26th of October 2018, J.J. and Jeremiah Delaney came to our school to tell us about horse ploughing.  They brought two cups,...   Read More

“Zombie Doctor Donie”

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“Zombie Doctor Donie” is the name of our Halloween Scarecrow.

Sciath na Scol

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We would like to share with you our journey through the Sciath na Scol Campaign so far.  To-date, we have won all five of...   Read More

West Muskerry Cross Country

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On the 3rd of October,  Rusheen N.S competed in the West Muskerry Cross- Country in Macroom. We had 21 girls and 22 boys running....   Read More

Green Schools Committee

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This year the Green Schools Committee are going for the green flag for the theme of Water.  We already have two flags, one for...   Read More

Active Schools Committee

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Last year in the Active Schools Committee we got our first Active Flag by doing activities such as 10 @ 10, Obstacle Courses, Run...   Read More

Student Council

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The Students Council is a committee that tries to improve the school. It takes ideas from other pupils in the school. Last year we...   Read More

Used Clothes Collection

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Used Clothes Collection Our clothes collection is set for Monday the 8th of October. Items accept are as follows; Adult and children’s clothing Paired...   Read More


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Rusheen N.S. Parents’ Association A.G.M. will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of October at 8.00 p.m. in the school.

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