Science Event 1

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On the 5th of November a C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) group came to school.  We had to solve a fake murder in Lismore Castle.  We had to find out who killed Mr. Boyle.  Our suspects were Mr. Green the Gardner, Grace Lace the Maid, Robert Boyle, his Son, and Mrs. Boyle, his Wife.

Firstly, we got everyone’s profile, which included their name, place of birth, age, fingerprint, D.N.A., etc.  Then we got everyone’s pen, chromatography paper and a glass of water.  We were trying to figure out whose pen wrote the will.  We put a line of pen at the top of the chromatography paper and let just the end of the chromatography paper in the water and waited for the water to get to the pen.  We figured out that Robert’s pen was used.  Everyone had their own alibi.  Robert was practicing science experiments in the east wing.  Greg Green was putting tools in the shed. Mrs. Boyle was out shopping and Grace Lace was sweeping the floor.  I think Mrs. Boyle’s alibi was the best as she had a witness (the shopkeeper).  Next we figured out who’s fingerprint was at the scene.  It was Robert’s but the problem was that he lived in Lismore Castle so it could have just been there from earlier in the day.  We also looked at our own fingerprints using an inkpad.  There are three types of fingerprints whorl, arch and loop.  We also looked at Grace’s D.N.A.  She gargled salt water and we got some saliva then we added washing-up liquid and 99% alcohol.  We left it for a while and we saw her D.N.A. forming.  Finally, we concluded that Robert Boyle was our main suspect for the crime.

By:  Rebecca Morgans 6th Class

Examining the profiles




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