Japanese Day

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On Thursday the 3rd of October, we had a Japanese Day to celebrate the Rugby World Cup.  Firstly, at 11 O’Clock, it was raining so the teachers turned on the Ireland V Russia match and it was a very exciting game because Ireland won easily 35-0.  Next, our SNA, Jessie cooked some delicious Japanese food such as noodles, rice and some seaweed for us to eat.  Then we learned some Japanese phrases like ‘konnichiwa’ which means hello, ‘Sayanora’ which means goodbye and ‘ogenkidesuka’ which means how are you.  We also watched a power point and filled in a fact sheet about Japan.  Finally, we studied the history of rugby in our Primary Planet Magazine and wrote a summary of it for homework.  That was our Japanese Day and we enjoyed it very much.

By:  James Cuddihy



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