Green School’s Committee Update

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In the last school year we were awarded our first green flag for Litter and Waste.  A new Green School’s Committee was formed in October.  The adult members are:  Mr. Coakley, Mr. Twomey (Teachers), Jessie Murphy our S.N.A., Julianne O’Leary (Parent).  Pupil members include Clodagh O’Riordan, Finn Stevenson, Conor Murray – Rang 5.  Rhiann McDermott, Brendan Mayer, Chloe O’Driscoll – Rang 6.

We have begun working towards our second Green Flag.   This time the theme is Energy.  Already we have carried out some energy surveys both for home and school.  We looked at the types of lights we use, we counted all of our electrical appliances, we learned how to read our electricity meter.  We will use the findings to set targets for our energy action plan.  We will keep you up to date as our work goes on.  So remember…Save Energy!  Save the Planet!!


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