Pupils' WorkComments Off on ARTIC WONDERLAND

Following a successful application sponsored by the Cork Arts Council, Junior and Senior Infants were fortunate to have artist Julie Kelleher come to their class to create an art project. The children decided to make an Arctic wonderland as they were learning about the Arctic in class. Over a number of weeks, the children made polar bears, seals, igloos, reindeers and whales out of clay. When they were dry the children painted them and covered them in glitter.

They created the background out of blue and white crepe paper/tissue paper and tin foil. The final part was the Northern Lights. Using wool as the base material the children carefully placed different pieces of coloured fibre on the wool and matted the fibres together using water and washing up liquid. The material was then rolled and allowed to dry.

The children were extremely motivated and enthusiastic throughout this project and they are very proud of what they have achieved. Special thank you to Jessie for all her help throughout the project.

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