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Rusheen's Townlands

Cill Berchert = St. Berrihert's Church. It has 943 acres.Remain's of Berrihert's Church are still visible at the south side, and also a ring fort with souterrain. Here are cromlechs called Uaigh an tSaighdiura - Soldiers grave and Páirc na Lice - Field of the Flag Stone. North end is termed Cahernafulla - Cathair na Fola (bloddy stone fort). Local tradition says there is a connection between Cahernafulla, Lyravouig (fork of the victory) in Dooneens townland and Bealnamorrive. A battle was fought, seemingly, at Cahernnfulla and victory celebrated at Lyravouig and the Glashagarriff stream is supposed to have been reddened to Bealnamorrive (mouth of the dead). A passage connecting Cooperville and Rusheen Catholic church is termed An Poirsin - Narrow road.

Rúisín = Little Copse. It has 288 acres. At the south side is Cusheen Wood - Cabhaisin (little causeway) as well as the remains of a dolmen. Here also are ruins of an old Protestant church which was closed in or about 1912.

Leacain a' hEachaidhe = Hillside of the horseman. It has 370 acres. South side is termed Burren - Boireann (rocky spot).

Duibh Lios = Black or dark fort. It has 341 acres. In the centre is a large ring fort.

Cnoicnín a'Choithinn = Little hill of the commonage or common grazing. It has 159 acres.

Currach an Iarla - Earl's marsh. It is sometimes called Earlville. It has 439 acres.

Drom Rí - The Kings Ridge or Hill


It has 313 acres. Cluain Ui Mhic Broic - Plain of the Ui Mhic Broic. This was a tribe descended from Corc, King of Cashel .


Dromdubh=Blackridge. Near Dromduve is Hanover Hall home of the ledgendary Morris who was responsible for the death of Art O' Leary.

Ath an Fheide = Ford of the streamlet. It has 255 acres. At the east side on the Clashavoon stream - Clais a'Mhuin (vale of the putrid water or probably of the weeds) is Aughnavar - Ath na BhFear (ford of the men). Nearby is a site of a ring fort with souterrain. The name of popular landlords (Cooper) is preserved in Cooperville in this townland. Cooper's Rock in Kilberrihert and Cooper's Cross in Rusheen.

Sheana-Chill = place of old church. Adjacent to Shanakiel Cross-roads at the north side is the site of an old church. In the townland are two ring forts. It has 468 acres.

(347acres)Drombeag =Little ridge or hill-back. At the south-west is a road called Barnageehy - Bearna Gaoithe (windy gap). South side is termed Knockagreenane - Cnoc a'Ghrianain (the sunny hill).

Coolkisha Cuil Cise=Nook Of The Wickerwork Bridge. It has 296 acres. There are two ringforts in the townlands. At the west side is Carrigaclodig Cross-roads - Carraig a'Chladaigh - Rock of the stream chanel. Remains of two dolmens are nearby. On the south border is Awfund Bridge - Ath Fionn (white ford).

Derryroe. Doire Ruadh=Red Oakwood. The Red Well (Tobar Dearg), at which rounds are preformed, is in Derryroe. It is also known as St. Berrihert's Well. The townland of Derryroe has 500 acres.

Caherbaroule - Cathair Baramhail - Stone fort of the person of judgement/or fixed opinion. Baramhail was a nickname applied to some McCarthy famliies in Muskerry and described a person of sense. Traces of the old stone fort with southerrain exist at the south side and also a cross-inscribed stone. Further north are two heavy standing stones a dozen feet apart. Nearby are remains of a pre-historic dwelling or beehive-shaped house believed to be up to two thousand years old. Remains of a dolmen are at the east side. It has 426 acres.

This is a map of our local townlands which we drew and painted.