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Aghinagh Parish

Aghinagh Parish is situated at the foot of the Boggeragh Mountains, in the Barony of East Muskerry. It consists of 21,169 acres and stretches for about ten miles to the North from the River Lee at Carrigdrohid, and it is about four miles in an east west direction.

This area has been inhabited for a long time, for scattered across the length and breadth of this parish from its highest hills to its deepest valleys is evidence of human activity, dating back almost 4,000 years. Almost every farm in this area has some form of stone age monument.There are many possible explanations of the name Aghinagh such as that Aghinagh originally belonged to Aghinagh a grandson of Laoghaire. Another explanation is "AthTheinne''. That is "Ford of Fire ''. Tim Gleeson writing in Cork Archaoelogical Journal of 1893 suggests that Aghinagh means "The Ivy covered field''. Even within the parish we have Ard Eidhinn Cross which means "Height of the Ivy''. There are four villages in the parish of Aghinagh. They are Rusheen, Bealnamarbh, Ballinagree and Carrigdrohid.Rusheen is in the middle and is our village .