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In our culture section you can find out all about our customs religion, feast days, songs, poems, music and dance etc. Stay on this page to find out about our customs. You may also choose to click above.


Halloween, All Saint's and All Soul's Day

Hallowe'en is an important Irish festival. It is held on the night of the 31st of October. It is an old Irish feast day to mark the end of autumn. Goblins, ghouls, banshees and all types of ghosts are meant to come out on this night. People lit bonfires to warn off evil spirits and they dressed up as ghosts so if they met a ghost they would blend in. The tradition of trick or treating comes from the time when beggars went from house to house looking for spices and soul cakes, if they didn't get something they would play tricks on the people. Nowadays we eat báirín breac, nuts and all types of fruit.
The two days that follow are called All Saints Day and All Souls Day. They are to remember the saints that don't have their own special feast day and to remember all the people that have died belong to us. We say prayers for them on the first and second of November.

In the autumn and spring , Stations are held in peoples houses. Stations are a lovely custom. Two priests come to a home in each district, Hear Confessions, say mass and have breakfast in the house. The neighbours assemble for the occasion and make it a social, as well as a religious one. It is said that the station custom goes back to the Penal days, when Catholics were not allowed to worship in Pubic but, with a faith that was stronger than fear, they continued to practice their religion. Priests said mass in lonely places isolated mountain homes and people trudged long distances across the countryside to attend.

St. Patrick
St. Patrick is an important saint. He was 22 when he came to Ireland. All the Irish people were Pagans. St. Patrick was captured by Nile of the nine hostages. We still celebrate his feast day on the 17th of March every year. People go to mass and wear a shamrock on this day to show the three persons in one God. St. Patrick told the Irish people that on this shamrock there are three leaves, just like there are three persons in the one God. St. Patrick was a Bishop who banished the snakes from Ireland. We honour him at his parades every year and there are gymnastics, fire-breathers and Irish music in every pub. We go to mass on St. Patrick's Day. He told the people that there were three Gods in our God. They didn't understand so he picked up a shamrock and showed them the three persons in the one God.

This is a collage 6th class did of St. Patrick on The Hill Of Slane.


Jessica wrote this poem about St. Patrick's Day Parade in Macroom:

St. Patrick
St. Patrick is coming,
Hear the drummer's drumming,
Band's of music playing,
People swaying.
Lots of children on the street,
Some yummy things to eat,
Dancing people in parades,
Some people play charades,
Patrick became a prisoner,
Of evil high King Niall,
He minded sheep for six years,
On the Irish Isle


Abby wrote another one:

Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick was very good,
He always did the best he could,
Saint Patrick told us that it was best,
To love God and all the rest,
As if with a magic potion,
He put the snakes in the ocean,
So if you want to be seen,
Wear the shamrocks glorious green,
We like to be happy and gay,
On Saint Patricks Day.

Saint Brigid
St Brigid's day is on the 1st of February. St. Brigid always had great interests in nature. She loved the Spring. She loved the flowers and the trees and the colours. St. Brigid built a monastery in Kildare once St. Brigid went to pagan who was dying on a bed of hay. She took some of the hay and made it into a cross. She explained God to him and before he died he became a Christian. Every February we make a cross to remember her. Before she died she asked the chief for land to build a monastery.He asked how much she wanted and she laid out her cloak. It grew and grew until it covered a lot of ground and the chief had to give her that much land. She helped the sick and the poor. Here is a photo of a cross I made from rushes last February.

Easter is a Christian feast which is celebrated in the springtime. We celebrate the feast on a Sunday. Before Easter we have to give up something we like for 40 days because Jesus fasted in the desert for us for 40 days .This time of fasting is called Lent. Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday when Jesus when into Jerusalem on a donkey. He had a Special meal with his Apostles it was called the Last Supper. This day called Holy Thursday. He died on Good Friday and he rose on Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday we can break our fast. Over these holy days we go to a lot of ceremonies to honour Jesus. At Easter children get Easter Eggs.

The Red Well
The Red Well (an Tobar Dearg ) may be so called because it is in Derryroe (Doire Rua)-Red Oak. The legend has it that the well was on the other side of the road before it changed.
St. Gobnait of Ballyvouney passed on the way to Ballyvouney.Some people got cured at the well. Some times masses are held there .The statue that stands there was given by Mr. And Mrs. Halissey. Mr. Halissey was sick at the time and his wife promised that she would put a statue of Our Lady if he was cured, and so he was. That statue was the first one there. Rounds are performed at the well on Good Friday, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday every year .The rounds at the Red Well consists of 5 Hail Marys, 5 Our Fathers and five Glory be to the Fathers.You go around the middle plant 3 times and you say these rounds of prayers 9 times. The well below the road is where you say the rosary. Its very peaceful.The well is also associated with St. Berrihert .


The crib in Rusheen Church

Christmas is celebrated all over our parish. We put up Christmas trees and decorate our houses. We give each other Christmas presents and send Christmas cards. We go to mass to thank God for bringing his son into the world. We have a Christmas party in school on the day of the Christmas holidays. Santa comes to school and gives us sweets. We have a "Bring n' Buy" in the hall. We sell cakes and have raffles and have auctions. We make pictures at school and put them up around the hall to decorate it.

We usually docorate the Jesse Tree in the church for Advent. Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of our The Baby Jesus. The Jesse Tree is decorated with symbols representing the family tree of Jesus. This is what last years tree looked like.